Different Rosters = Different number of Annual Leave days per season and of course varying numbers of Rostered Days Off.

The total number of Annual leave days a person is legally entitled to will depend entirely on the Roster that is utilised either in town or on the farm. In town and in some cases on dairy farms, those on a standard 5 days on and 2 off (5/2) will be entitled to a total of 19.98 days of Annual leave (basically 20 annual leave days per season or year which when the example works a 5 day week this will be 4 weeks)

However any deviation from a 5/2 roster will mean a subsequent change to the number of Annual leave days someone is entitled to whether they work in town or on the farm – same rules.

Working out your own roster can be tricky enough especially if you make the whole process hard on yourself. You may have a scenario like this:

  • Maybe a whole bunch of different rosters over the season and then…
  • Try figure out the Annual leave entitlement in days and then…
  • The number of Rostered Days Off as a result of the roster created
  • And is this number of Rostered Days Off the same as the agreed number in the Employment Contract?

At Agrismart we have actually created our Roster Builder to simplify this process and give you all the answers listed above very quickly. Your calculator will not be required here!

Below is a table displaying a bunch of common Roster scenarios and the numbers generated from them.


If you are unsure of the number of Annual Leave or Rostered Days Off for your situation get in touch…We can probably help you out!

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